Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Satisfaction with choosing Kalamazoo College

For our study we wanted to look into how satisfied students were on their decision to attend Kalamazoo College. We thought this survey would be very useful for a couple different groups like: K College, who could use this information to determine what they need to improve to increase students' satisfaction, also for current K students to see how other students feel. To help figure out this information we made and sent out 100 surveys to a random sample of students. The different variables we wanted to look into with the survey included questions looking at the satisfaction of different things like: course registration, available courses, real world preparation, facilities, fields, housing, and security. The survey was completed by 60 students, which gave us a 60% response rate, and the results were very interesting and enlightening.
Some of the interesting information was when asked about overall satisfaction at Kalamazoo College, 10 students were very satisfied, 37 were satisfied, 10 were neutral, 2 were dissatisfied, and none were very dissatisfied. This shows that more than the majority of students are satisfied with their decision to attend K and a only a select few are dissatisfied. Another interesting finding was that while 57 out of 60 students were either satisfied or very satisfied with K's Library, 49 out of 60 students were either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the fields at K. This shines a light that K has top of the line facilities that students love, however has athletic fields that aren't top of the line and that students don't love. Overall this survey was very successfull in depicting how students about Kalamazoo College and on their decision to attend the school. I believe this study will be very helpful to the school, current and prospective students.

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