Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Student Spending and Sources of Income

Money is something that plays a role in almost everything. While conducting our survey on student spending and sources of income it was easy to see the relationship amongst many factors. It was evident that students who spend more recieve more, and not from jobs as much, but from outside sources. These relationships show the factors that lead to increase in spending and also what most of the money is spent on.
Students spend a high amount of money on electronics and are huge supporters in the food businesses while in college. This spending however fluctuates by sources of income, cost of tuition, if the student has a job or not, and many more. As one would expect, as the cost of tuition increases per student the amount of spending will most likely decrease along with the parents support of money. Many students carry jobs while in college and in our survey we found that 58.5% of our respondents held a secured job.
There are many things that influence student spending and there are many sources of income students have. Our study was important because it gave people an idea of how students spend their money and what factors may or may not contribute to a student's spending, whether it be monthly, annually, or daily. Also whether it be on things they buy for pleasure(wants) or things they need.

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