Monday, May 30, 2011

Kalamazoo College Music Consumption

The music consumption music we did showed that there are relations between spending on recorded music and spending on other types of music consumption. Of these music consumptions we looked at illegal consumption, online (streaming) consumption and legal expenditure on music. Legal expenditure includes both online and physical purchases and live (concerts/recorded) music. In addition we considered the effect of gender on all the types of consumption. We measured engagement in music and how it may affect consumption in any form.
We found a positive correlation between illegal downloading and streaming against music expenditure. This shows that as more services for music consumption are available expenditure on physical copies may be threatened. This however does not imply that other forms are harmful to those who depend on producing physical music. This is because we saw that even with so many online service providers those who are really engaged in music still continue to buy physical copies.
Analysis done shows that women spend a lot less on music compared to males, that took that study. Of the 69% women who took the survey only about 29% of then download music illegally. Illegal downloading does not seem to be a common method in the college because of schools rule and also government punishments that are attached to piracy. However it should be remembered that some parts of the world illegal downloading is the main way to get music, hence the effect of flexible laws does affect businesses in the music industry.
It can also be seen, from the study, that spending on live music is more preferred than buying physical copies. We could not find any correlation between music consumption and income because even those who do not earn anything seem to provide information about their consumption habits. This was a surprising discovery. This does not prove anything because the sample was pooled from college students who do not earn any money. Despite this we saw that even some of the stuff did not spend much on music despite their income levels. You do not need to be rich to listen to music!!!

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