Monday, May 30, 2011

Summary for a general audience

Why do students attend Kalamazoo College?

A college survey was sent out looking at what different factors that influenced Kalamazoo College student on choosing Kalamazoo. A sample was taken of 100 currents students and analyzed by two current students. The data found that current students felt that when choosing Kalamazoo a large part of their decision had to do with how much financial aid they were going to receive and how reputable the academics were. What this means is that the more money given out to perspective students the more likely they are to come here, and as long as Kalamazoo College remains a reputable institution students will want to come here to be associated with its name. This was determining by using a survey that asked students to rate the importance of these factors. The survey was taken on a scale of 1-5. We will assume that 3 is neutral. From that 100 student sample, the average for importance of academics was 4.19 a significant piece of data, telling us students do feel the academics are a major reason for their choice. Another piece of data was that students averages 3.95 when describing the impact of financial aid, and this numbered paired with the average amount of financial aid received, $20,494.08 means that students do typically receive some scholarship or financial aid from the school and it influenced them to attend Kalamazoo College. From the study done you can see that when trying to get students to attend a college, they will be more receptacle if that colleges name is easily recognized, and highly regarded and if that college gives out offers scholarship and financial aid to their perspective students.

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