Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fast Food Spending at Kalamazoo College

A survey at Kalamazoo College was sent asking how many times they go to fast food restaurants and how much they spend there. Within that survey, it compared frequency of going to fast food restaurants and spending with annual income. Of the sample size, 65% were male and 35% female. Of all the college students that were surveyed, it found that the average annual income per month of a Kalamazoo College student was $252. the average spending per trip to a fast food location was $7.91. The favorite fast food restaurant out of the sample was Mcdonalds. This is because of its convenient low prices and has more locations around America then any other fast food restaurant. It is also open 24 hours so with easy access, you can see why people choose Mcdonalds over any other fast food restaurant.
The survey found that there is a negative correlation between frequency and spending compared to income. The more times people go to a fast food restaurant, the more likely they are less to spend their. This proves that people with lower income choose to go to fast food places more often because of lower prices and the convenience of them. Kalamazoo College students who don't make as much money go there quite often but spend less due to annual income. We thought that the higher the income, the more a person would be likely to go to a fast food restaurant and spend more because they have more money. This is not the case with college students. Fast food simply fits into their budget. This could also show that they are also trying to stay healthy as well. Even if students go to fast food restaurants frequently, they are spending less which means getting less food to intake. Students are trying to save money by spending less every time they go to a fast food restaurant.

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