Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Advice for Future Students!

Collect data as early as you can. It is very frustrating if you have a massive amount of work you need to do on the project (like regressions and hypothesis testing) but you can’t because you are still collecting data. Dr. Stull gives about a two-week period for you to collect data and turn in your preliminary results. I suggest that you have all your data collected by the end of the first week and use the second week to get a lot of work on the project done. It will save you so much stress later on in the quarter.

Take the intermediate deadlines seriously. The intermediate deadlines are a great way to get a good chunk of the paper done earlier in the quarter. When I got closer to the deadline of the paper, I was really glad I taken the earlier assignments seriously. I did not have to do any additional research for find numbers for my hypothesis testing because I had already done that in an earlier assignment. Having completed the preliminary research results made the a section of the final paper, “Basic Statistics” really easy to complete. The point is, try your best on those intermediate assignments! It makes the later assignments much easier.

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