Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dining satisfaction and Social satisfaction

In our survey, completed by 81 K College students, we wanted to find out if people were satisfied with the food here on campus, among other things. We also wanted to see if people were satisfied with their social lives here at K, and compare these results to whether or not those students were more or less satisfied with their social lives at home. Some demographic questions we sought were, gender, varsity athlete or not, ethnicity, intended major, and whether or not students participated in Frelon.

We found many interesting findings regarding social satisfaction. Many questions we asked were based on a 10-point scale (1 little satisfaction to 10 very satisfied). Our sample's average claimed that their satisfaction level of social life here at was at a 7.33, while their satisfaction of home social life was at 7.64. This was interesting to see as many people felt equally satisfied with their social lives here at K and at home.

Another question we asked in the survey gave us some interesting data to work with. We surveyed what time people normally order carry-out or delivery food from local restaurants. We found that 91.36% of our sample orders food after 7:00, which happens to be the same time that our cafeteria here on campus closes. This led us to believe that students were not very satisfied with the hours of the cafeteria. In our survey we also sampled student's satisfaction of the hours of the cafeteria on the same 10-point scale and our sample average was a 5.10. This number is very average and is in agreement with the number we found about carry-out delivery times.

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