Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Fossil Fuel Fiasco

“Do college students care enough about gas prices to drive significantly further for lower prices?” was the main question asked in a recent survey. A few talented individuals, employed by their own self motivation, set out on a mission to answer this question at a local small liberal arts school in Kalamazoo, Mi. They first hypothesized that students would travel the extra distance to save money but were proven wrong with statistical evidence. Students would rather spend the extra money for the convenience of the closer gas station rather than drive the extra distance. However it was noted that because of the average student has a financial well standing family, most were unwilling to travel the extra distance to save time rather than money.

Also these brilliant statisticians declared students remain unhappy with current gasoline prices and gasoline companies. “65 % of students have no preference or idea of one gas station brand quality to another,” said a survey conducted by the renowned statisticians. A suggestion was made that students are too busy to shop around for gas prices or do not care enough about the corporate world. A respondent was reported saying, “They [Gas Stations] are corrupt and all suck,” further backing the notion that Kalamazoo College students hate corporate America. Each respondent was asked to rate on a hand full of gas stations on their preference of brand from 1 to 5 with an option of answering “Do not know” (1 being the lowest possible rating and 5 being the highest possible rating). Furthermore the report answers numerous questions about consumer preference and prices. The survey targeted upperclassmen because of the strict school wide policy that first-years are not allowed to have cars on campus. No animals were harmed in the abundant attempts to collect data for this survey.

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