Friday, May 28, 2010

SIP Proposal

One SIP idea that we could test using public data is to look at what sponsors on the PGA Tour win more. There is always a debate on who has the best product and which company to back if you want to win. Titleist, Taylor Made, Callaway and Nike are the big four companies when purchasing any golf equipment, who all advertise they are the best company on tour. We could look at who is sponsored, and look at every tournament in a given year, and see who wins and who they are sponsored by. If this was done over a period of a few years, it could be determined who is the most profitable and majority winner on the PGA Tour.

One original SIP idea could be if Grad school is important for Economics majors coming right out of college. It would be interesting to see, especially for me since this is my major and my dilemma, if students are more successful getting jobs if they attend grad school or not after their 4 year college term. You would have to get a list of schools and their Econ majors and follow them post-collegiate years to see what kind of jobs they get, how long it took them to get that job and possibly how much money they make annually.

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