Friday, May 28, 2010

SIP Ideas

SIP #1
For a SIP using publicly available data, I would gather the statistics needed to enhance a restaurant including the theme, menu, and style of the establishment. I would collect statistics from other experimental methods studies about colors, fonts and themes that are most outstanding to the general eye, and types of foods that please the largest populations. I could test possible hypotheses such as which types of colors seem more attractive depending on gender, or whether or not people are more likely to enter a restaurant if it has a theme or not (i.e. a restaurant with strictly Italian food, Italian d├ęcor, menus with some words in Italian, etc. versus a restaurant without a specific categorization). Data would be available on the web at sites such as or from sections of this book available on the web called Educational Psychology by William R. Reynolds and Gloria E. Miller.

SIP #2For a SIP using original data, I would use the same idea except would collect the data myself via surveys and studies of the customers/possible customers for the restaurant. The surveys would ask questions about colors, fonts, types of food, flavor combinations, etc. One question could ask about key ingredients, for example: “Would you be more likely to try a dish if it highlighted the ingredient A) ginger, B) basil, C) red pepper, or D) cinnamon?.” The same hypothesis tests listed above could be conducted and the sample would be the population within a 5-mile radius of the restaurant.

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