Thursday, May 27, 2010


For a potential SIP using publicly available data I thought that comparing state by state High School rankings created by Newsweek and demographics gathered by the Census Bureau could provide an interesting insight to our nationwide education system. I would collect financial data (mean family income) of the top 100 high school districts and test to truly see how big of a role money plays in education. I could dive even deeper and test the longevity of the high school's prominence and potentially tie it to some long term economic dependence with in the region.

For a SIP using original data, I could set up a comparative education satisfaction test. I would randomly survey about 300 seniors from 3 private colleges in Michigan and 300 students from 3 public universities in Michigan. My goal would be to find out if, overall, public or private educated seniors are more satisfied with the education and college experience they received. In other words, is that extra 20 grand or so a year worth the investment for a private school education?

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