Monday, May 24, 2010

SIP Proposal

Moriam Aigoro
Business Stats
24 May 2010
Proposed SIP Topics

My first proposed SIP topic is using the public data. The public data that I would obtain is the amount of arrests amongst juveniles in the different counties in Michigan. These arrests would include how many times juveniles were arrested and the amount of times for certain types of crimes that took place for an arrest. The methodology I would use to study this data would be to divide the information by counties and compare the counties to another based on the data provided. I would compare the amount of juveniles arrested and the number of juveniles arrested for a particular crime. Some hypothesis tests that I could run are comparing two counties with the amount of arrests to determine which county actually had more arrests. Also I could run hypothesis testing on the number for each specific crime. This concludes my first proposed SIP topic.

My next proposed SIP topic would also be pertaining to juveniles. I would focus on the Kalamazoo Juvenile Home and the inmates would make up my sample. I would randomly survey the inmates and ask them questions about their level of crimes, their retention rate, the different types of crimes they have committed, the duration of their stay in the Juvenile Home and also questions pertaining to demographics. A possible hypothesis test that I would run is comparing the percentage of boys versus girls in the juvenile home and determining if actually there are more boys than girls in the juvenile home. Another hypothesis test that I would consider running is if the average retention rate amongst juveniles is that high compared to the US average. This concludes my second proposed SIP topic.

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