Monday, May 31, 2010

Beverage Consumption Summary for the General Audience

Biggby’s v. Jazzman’s: Which one do you like more?

Our recent findings on beverage consumption from Biggby’s and Jazzman’s from Kalamazoo College included that more people go to Biggby’s opposed to Jazzman’s, and also people rated the quality of Biggby’s coffee higher than Jazzman’s. These conclusions were not very surprising due to the fact that Biggby’s is a franchise business that attracts more people opposed to Jazzman’s. Approximately 123 people went to Biggby’s compared to Jazzman’s where only approximately 108 people went to Jazzman’s. These numbers are out of our total sample of participants which is 133. The more people that went to Biggby’s displayed that Biggby’s ratings were higher than Jazzman’s when looking at all our data.

Also our findings included the fewer hours of sleep one gets the more cups of coffee one drinks. This is a reasonable finding due to the fact that coffee has caffeine in it and it helps people stay awake. It can be inferred the more cups of coffee one drinks the less amount of sleep one gets according to our data. This relates back to our earlier findings that people go to Biggby’s more for the better quality of coffee when they have less hours of sleep. In conclusion these are some of the findings from the survey amongst Kalamazoo College pertaining to beverage consumption from Biggby’s and Jazzman’s.

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