Friday, May 28, 2010

SIP Proposals

Original Data - Where is Your Tuition Going?

My first SIP proposal, involving the collection of original data, is a comprehensive examination of the student perspective of tuition distribution, in regards to tuition breakdowns. This study would involve asking students where they think their tuition money is going towards, including room and board, athletics, facilities management, internet, faculty, etc. I would survey students at a high-price school, such as Kalamazoo College, as well as a low-price school, such as Western Michigan University. Also, it would be interesting to survey students from a large sports oriented school, such as the University of Michigan or Michigan State University. I would be able to test whether or not students believe more money to go towards faculty or athletics. As a conclusive test, I would research concrete tuition breakdowns from each university or college in order to put the students' guesses up against the actual layout. With such a grandiose of money being spent on both graduate and undergraduate programs in today's society, one should have the benefit of knowing exactly what their dollars are being for.

Publicly Available Data - What Makes the Tech King Tick?

This SIP proposal involves a study about the number one technology production company in the world: Apple. This company has started a revolution of technical innovation that has made its way to the top from the beginnings of the first Macintosh computer to the worldwide web surfing iPhone. I would delve into the very basics of Apple work culture, finding out what makes Apple work so well. I could research information on product history, price ranging techniques, office branching, and day-to-day life in the Apple workplace. An internship in the Apple headquarters in Vista Valley, California would be highly beneficial to this study.

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