Friday, May 28, 2010

1. SIP using publicly available data.
I would like to investigate the ways in which people receive/locate information. There are very many media outlets available to us at the present, and I would like to see how increases in use of one would effect the use of others. Also I would like to investigate how those outlets are used. How much of the information gleaned from internet use is useless nonsense compared to the information received from books, the radio, magazines, and others. Has the amount of useful information that people are presented with daily declined since the invention of the internet? Has the amount of advertising people are subjected to increased, and by what factor? My sample for the original data proposal could be a cluster/neighborhood door to door sample. First I thought of college students, but I assume that using them would result in extreme bias seeing as many spend all hours of the night on facebook. (magazine subscription stats)

2. SIP using original data.
I would really like to undertake a SIP concerning the populations knowledge and level of caring about environmental concerns. I think many of the most dangerous environmental problems are generally unknown to the vast majority of the public. I would like to investigate across all demographics in order to include the entire population, thought unfortunately it probably wouldn't be time/cost effective to find a sample that embodied the U.S. or world populations, I could probably do all of Michigan. I think surveys and behavioral observation would be the ideal data gathering techniques for a project like this. Possible hypotheses include 1. Level of education (regardless of type) has a positive influence on both knowledge and caring. 2. Women are more likely to be concerned.

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