Thursday, May 27, 2010

sip proposal

One SIP topic for using publicly-available data that would interest me would be Ferrari productions. Due to its low production volumes and its famous name, it can do nearly anything technologically that it is inclined to do, making it very expensive. It is also limited. It recently announced its commitment to building future production vehicles like the engine, transmissions, pedal assemblies, steering gear, suspension pieces, body panels out of aluminum. The methodology I might use to study it would be trying to get an internship at Ferrari and be able to be in the manufacturing process and research on where they get the supplies and how much money is used to build these cars. I would also like to know how many Ferrari cars were only produced at a certain period of time. Some possible hypothesis to test would be gas and average income, company’s income and salary, and export and car buyers.

Another SIP topic to collect original data would be finding about alcohol prices. Many different stores will have different prices of alcohol. Some people might not care about the price and might go to the closest store. Others might care about the prices and might need to drive a bit further to save money. The methodology I would use to study it would be something in my neighborhood. I would find out how many miles apart are stores that sell liquor from my neighborhood and go to each store and write down the prices of certain alcohol. I would then type up a survey and go to door to door asking to take the survey. In my survey I would write only a list of specific alcohol and ask them which store they would go to get these items. It will help this study by figuring out if the people who took the survey actually care about the prices or not of alcohol. Some possible hypothesis to test would be gas and income, alcohol price and income, liquor stores and big stores(Meijer, Costco…) , consumer spending and store income.

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