Friday, June 3, 2011


If you're reading this advice page then you are already well on your way to being successful in this class. Believe it or not this term will fly right by you so here is some advice I have for keeping up with the pace.

1. Keep it simple!...the simpler your project idea, the easier it will be to interpret results and understand your findings.

2. Research something you are really interested in, the more interested you are in your project the more thought you'll put into collecting your data and analyzing your results.

3.This project is extremely time consuming so the best thing to do when collecting data is to keep track of information as you go along, especially if you're working by yourself.

This project taught me a lot about patience and the importance of direct language. They way you word a question has a tremendous impact on the types of responses you get and the work you have to put into analyzing those responses later on. Also, try to think of creative ways to get your surveys out to people. Try to weigh the pros and cons of each method of collecting data. For example, my partner and sent our surveys through random emailing and collected our data online,this saved us some time, but we were not able to get 100 responses so our final grade suffered.If I could have I would have asked more questions about how to interpret the numbers because correct calculations aren't enough if you don't know what they mean. Looking back I would have followed all of the advice I am giving you now and I would have received a better grade as a result.

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