Wednesday, June 1, 2011


When high school students are searching for colleges to attend in the future, they need to do more than just take a campus tour with a current student that only tells you what subjects are taught in each building. Students need research or information to look at that may sway them one way or another when it comes time to choose the college for them. In particular, this information needs to come directly from the students that actually study there, not the biased opinions from administrators and professors. The study that I administered aimed to get an idea of the overall satisfaction of life here at Kalamazoo College.
            Kalamazoo College is a school that anyone can call home; whatever a person’s needs and likes are, K can adhere to those things. My study’s results prove this very statement. In regards to academics, my results showed that students are extremely satisfied with their education. They love their professors, classrooms are very modern, and the student to faculty ratio makes it easy to learn because of the interaction with teachers. Extracurricular activities are also a major plus at Kalamazoo College. There are a large amount of student organizations across campus that anyone can join as well as events that the college puts on for the students. These events and organizations bring students from all walks of life together for a good time and to also provide ways for students to meet one another. Athletics are another major aspect of Kalamazoo College.  My results showed that their is much promise for the future of sports here at K. In the fall of 2012, there will be brand new athletic fields available for the football, baseball, soccer, and softball teams, which many students are very excited about. These fields make the future of K athletics very bright!
            All in all, the overall satisfaction of Kalamazoo College showed to be very good. The students that attend K are happy to be here and excited to learn in an environment that is comfortable for all people. This survey showed that K is a very unique place that many people are taking advantage of, and hopefully many more to come will do the same!

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