Friday, June 3, 2011

Advices for the later students,

1. Find something new and interesting. It always nice to do something interesting and do something that no one else does it. Sometimes, you can find some new result with the old topic, but it always to discover the new topic. And choose someone you like to work with.

2. Never stop in the middle of the analysis. Do a little bit every week. If you stop, it’s kind of hard to pick up the ideas why you start this and it’s kind of hard to re-remember the reason you like the topic you choose.

3. If you do the survey with the e-mail, please send much number than you expected. The percentage of the people who will answer the survey though email is much smaller than you expected.

4. If you find something goes wrong during the research, talk to Dr.Stull as soon as possible. The suggestions will be really useful and it will save a lot of time doing nothing.

5. Besides, Good Luck!

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