Sunday, June 5, 2011

Advice for future Statistics students

1. Choose a topic that you are really interested in so that you are always eager to come up with ideas and excited to find out the results. Having a list of topics to discuss your friends (not only your partner) and your professor will help you a lot.
At the same time, make sure your survey questions are relevant to the participants so as to increase response rate.

2. If you use an online survey, send it out (roughly 3 weeks)early to a large sample and be prepared for low response rate (15%-30% is not a surprise). Show people the benefits of completing your survey; you might want to include some incentives (candies, pizzas etc). Do not hesitate to send our reminders.

3. Set up a lot of numeric variables and equations so it will be much easier to find correlations in the end. Keep finding comparable data from other resources to do hypothesis testings in your final report. Give yourself a few days to work on computation and writing the report. Be clear and organized by using graphs and data supported by your own analysis.

4. Have trouble understanding materials in class, talk to your professor as soon as you can. Chulk Stull would love to help you.

Goodluck! It's a fun class if you love what you do so make a good choice ;)

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