Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kalamazoo College Advertisement Efficiency

Every quarter, Kalamazoo College Student Activities Committee (SAC) and organizations work hard to attract students to events and activities using different methods of advertisements. However, the methods used by SAC and organizations seem not to be very effective because many students do not know what is happening on campus. To answer questions about low attendance rates and which method of advertising is more effective we conducted a research project in which we studied Kalamazoo College’s student population’s preferences and opinions about advertising for campus events.

The research project was conducted using 100 students of Kalamazoo College and we found a few interesting findings to improve awareness about and attendance for campus events in the student population. We discovered that 54% of the students at K find information about campus events through Facebook, 38% through friends and 6 % through email and 3% through Hornet Hive. Also, we tested the effectiveness of these four places for advertisements using a scale of 1 (Very Ineffective) – 5 (Very Effective). We found that the mean effectiveness for Facebook was between 3.24 and 3.68, and for friends was a little lower, 3.17 to 3.57. On the other hand, the mean for campus email was 2.68 to 3.09 and Hornet Hive was between 1.89 and 2.21 making these two options ineffective for campus advertising.

Another interesting finding was related to students’ availability to attend campus events. First we asked our sample to indicate how many events they thought happen each a week during the month of May. Our sample said that the average was 9 but we found that 23 was the closest average estimate. Then we asked our sample to indicate if they felt too busy to attend campus events and if they have too much work. 44% agreed that they were too busy to attend the events and 30% said they have too much work.

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