Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Advice for future students

The business statistic project is not an easy paper; mine ended up being 25 pages. The advice I would give is do not procrastinate! Throughout the quarter you will be turning in papers related to your project but while they contribute to your final project they are not the majority of it. But once you get the handout telling you to actually write that final paper, start it right away. It is nice to have time to think about what data you are testing and how to analyze it. It also helps if you start it early so that you have time to reflect on it. This paper is not something you can write in one night. Also, take good notes in class from the beginning because everything you will learn in class you will see again when you sit down to write the final paper. Choose something you are interested in and get started write away and the class should go well for you.

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