Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summary for a general audience - Jake Olds

Fast Food in America has many connotations with the lifestyles of those who frequently eat it. People assume that those who eat fast food are overweight, of a lower class, or do not care much about the health and nutrition of their food. In a study conducted of the small community of Kalamazoo College, researchers Brandon Merritt and Jake Olds came across some interesting findings.

After surveying 34 randomly selected students of the approximate population of 1500, a few interesting correlations were found. As the participants’ incomes increased, so did the frequency of fast food meals eaten. Surprisingly, as the income increased, the amount spent per fast food meal decreased. The more that a person reported to care about the health and nutrition content of their food, the person had less of a chance of being overweight. Many frequent fast food eaters were actually in relatively good shape, particularly if they reported that the health content of their food was important to them. One interesting finding was that 25% of all respondents listed McDonald’s as their favorite fast food restaurant, with Wendy’s being the second most popular at 15.6%.

Jake Olds

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