Friday, June 3, 2011

Student spending vs. Income

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  1. When presented with the research project my partner and I decided that we would like to do something that has a large scale rather than being only comparable to Kalamazoo College. After debating between which road to take, we decided that int would be the most ineresting if we were to study hoiw a students income, and amount of money from outside sources played an impact on how much money they spent in total and on themselves.
    To put it simply, we found that 58.5% of our respondents had a job and if they were to have a job then they were also more likely to not spend as much money and especially not as much money on things that they wanted for themselves.
    There was also a direct connection to whether or not a student had a job, and if their parents were largely contributing to the cost of tuition. Also whether or not they had a job and their total cost of tuition. In other words if the student was on less scholarship than another student, they were far more likely to have a job, especially if their parents were noir contributing very much (although the number of people in this position were very small).
    Our study turned to be important when we looked at the categories that students spent their money on, which we found them to be spending it on electronics and food mainly. Although a large amount of people spent a lot of money on alcohol, which was surprising to see that they admitted to. By taking a close look at our survey, one would be able to see what students truly value,