Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How boring is "K" College?

Do Kalamazoo College students really have a handle on events happening on campus? Student researchers Ian Powell and Mayra Montero say no. Recent findings of their survey for their business class report that out of the hundred people they interviewed, people said that the average amount of events that occurred on campus per day was nine. However, the student researchers looked at the calendar of events on the campus website as well as the "Hornet Hive" that students and found that the average event per day of May was four and five events respectfully. Of course, there are different events that are advertised on these two parts of the "K" online network. "I was surprised" said researcher Ian Powell, "people my classes never seem to know what is going on campus but it makes sense that they have a distorted belief about how many campus events take place per day". There was also data to show that there was a big difference between the averages that first-years and seniors gave. Seniors thought that there were 13 events average per day while first-years thought that there were seven events. per day. This may be due to seniors that live off-campus that don't see campus advertisements everyday. Something to consider is that for events listed on the Hornet Hive, student leaders have to add their events to the calendar. These leaders may think that the Hornet Hive is ineffective, and do not list their events. On the calendar of events page on the campus website, there is no way to add an event for an individual club, so the number of actual events is probably much higher than the average recorded here. With this knowledge, maybe the Student Commission will try to change the way they advertise, so that more people have a better idea of how many events take place per day.

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