Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Polls and Sampling

What are the 3 different types of sampling techniques that we talked about in class and what is the most important thing to consider when sampling?

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  1. The 3 different types of sampling are
    1) Systematic sampling (when you systematically sample a population, like by choosing every 10th, 25th, or 100th, etc. person)

    2)Stratified sampling (identify strata from the whole population based on things like age, gender, or race and then random samples are drawn from these regions)

    3) Cluster sampling (Clusters are randomly chosen from the entire population and all of these people are then polled)

    The most important thing to consider when sampling is that the the samples that you are polling should be a representation of the whole population, otherwise the end results will be misleading. The best way to ensure that your samples are representative of the whole population is to make sure that your samples are as random as possible.