Sunday, January 8, 2012

Young, Obese and in Surgery (Effects of Bariatric Surgery)

Hartocollis, A. (2012). Young, Obese and in Surgery. Retrieved from
1. A study was done by William Encinosa, senior economist at the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality on bariatric surgeries and their effectiveness.

2. The study was funded by the federal agency where William Encinosa works.

3. The agency had interest in the particular result, because it wanted to see the risks involved with bariatric surgeries. Therefore, they can determine whether or not giving the surgery to younger patients is advisable.

4. The methodology of Mr. Encinosa's study, according to an Allergan (makers of laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding) spokeswoman, was a small sample size- 161,000 surgical records for 2009.

5. The results that were given were clear and informative with statistics like 1 in 2,000 gastric banding patients or 1 in 900 gastric patients dying during or immediately after surgery.

6. There were no graphs given with the article.

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