Sunday, January 8, 2012

How Healthy Are You?

The study for the article was the US National library of medicine. The sponsor of the research is undisclosed for the article. Even though the sponsor for the study on obesity in the US was undisclosed, i believe that the sponsor was looking for a particular result, such as how the US has had an increase in obesity in recent years and that it increases every year. As far as methodology goes, a sample size was used because they used the male and female population of the US. The results from the study are communicated in a clear way, it tell what has changed over a period of time. There were no graphs in the article from the study.

The author name was not in the article,
publication date: Feb 4th 2011

Obesity Has Nearly Doubled Worldwide Since 1980: Report

Despite rising weights, some nations keeping blood pressure, cholesterol under control, study finds

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