Monday, January 9, 2012

Economy Making Car Owners Delay Vehicle Maintenance

1. Consumer Reports did this survey.

2. The sponsor of the research is undisclosed.

3. I believe the interest in this surveys results is to let everyone know that they should not wait to fix little car problems. Even though the economy is rough, not fixing a small problem could create an even bigger problem. This article is important for car owners to see so that they know to not make a mistake in waiting till a better time comes along for them and their wallet.

4. This was a telephone survey that took place in November. The survey was from about 1,700 people. The article also stated that the sampling error was plus or minus 2.4 percentage points.

5. The results in this article were pretty clear; however there was no graph or chart shown in this article, which could have made the article better.

6. No graphs were used in this article.

Jensen, Cheryl. "Survey Suggests Tough Economy Claiming Another Victim: Regular Car

Maintenance." Web. 09 Jan. 2012. .

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