Sunday, January 8, 2012

Students lack interest in STEM (Science, Technology or Maths) majors

The article written by Olga Khazan is based on three different studies sponsored by Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, National Center On Education Statistics and Business Higher Education Forum. The sponsors were interested in finding why high school students lack interest in pursuing STEM majors although those majors are mostly likely to give them job in the future. There is no specific information about the methodology except the fact that high school students were chosen for the study. The results are communicated in a clear way and the reason for their lack of interest is mainly because most of the high school kids are not proficient in the maths. A pie-chart is used in the article to show the distribution of students who have maths proficiency and are interested in STEM major but graphs were not included in the article.

Khazan, Olga. "Lack of interest and aptitude keeps students out of STEM majors." Washington Post 06 1 2012

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