Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blog Assignment #1

D'innocenzio, Anne. "Consumer confidence rebounds to 52.5 in March -" 30 Mar. 2010.

1) The Conference Board Consumer Research Center did the survey.
2) No other sponsor is listed in the article, so the expenses should be taken by the Conference Board.
3) It is a monthly conducted survey, so I don’t think the sponsor have an interest in finding a particular result.
4) Yes, some information is included. The samples were randomly chosen, with a size of 5,000 households, and a cutoff date of March 23.
5) Yes. The article states the data and explained what each barometer means by several paragraphs. It also compares this survey with data from last few months and survey conducted by other institutions to analyze the economic situations this month.
6) None graph is used in this article.

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